Tips When Planning A Community Outreach Program

Community outreach is meant to reach the lost and for those that are in need. However, one cannot just wake up and organize a community outreach; there are some things he or she has to do to ensure that his outreach is a success. Use the following tips to help you plan a good and successful outreach.
Your planning team

Come up with a team that will help you in the planning process. Make sure the ones you have selected are people who have a passion for outreach, apart from that, they should also people who are committed to planning and have good organization skills.
Determine the type of people you are trying to reach

Your focus should be narrowed in a specific group, establish the demographic you are thinking to reach out to. This is very important because it is supposed to dictate your entire planning.
Find out what they need

Determining what your community needs are essential; you should never assume that they need a particular thing; you have to be certain with what they need. And this is by finding out from them.
Come up with a strategy that can help you meet their needs

Let’s say you have determined their needs and now you want to distribute them. For instance they need food, find out where you can distribute it, where it can be prepared, determine the supplies as well as materials that you will need for the preparation, the number of volunteers you will need to help you with the distribution, find out the means of food transportation and lastly, determine the health standards that you are supposed to meet.
Churches commit their time and energy to community outreach because they know the benefits of making a difference. With these small gestures, you can help a struggling community.